Saturday, June 18, 2011

Aloha Everyone,
Happy Father's Day to all the men!
Things have been busy with summer, and Father's Day came fast.
I wanted to share just a few things we were making for my hubby.
I made the adorable tie box from SVG cuts using the All About Dad Kit File. I really had fun making it and it was so easy.
In one box we loaded it with candy, and the other one has three stamped washers that we turned into a key chain. My 3 daughters chose what they wanted to say and I stamped it for them. I didn't take a picture of the key chain but here is an example of the stamped washers HERE.
I also made a card from the SVG cuts with the shirt and tie card, but since my hubby isn't a tie guy I made it into a regular shirt.

This is the card I made, I did personalize it up a bit with some doodling, and I added his work logo on the front, but I did forget to take a picture.
I wanted to take a picture of all 3 things I made but my camera wanted to focus on my outside palms instead. So you get to see my blurry project. LoL!

Have a great day!


Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Day 2 of Nicolette's Birthday Bash!

Aloha Everyone,
Welcome to day 2 of Nicolette's Birthday Bash.
For my project I made a card with mickey's ears for my idea!
I used Lauren's from 40:31 Creations new set of stamps. Lauren is who I design for. This is a sneak peak of her stamps. They are not available for purchase just yet.

Here is the blog line up in case you get lost.

1. Nicolette


3. Tammy

5. Krista

6. Karelj

7. Denise

8. Paula D


10. Kimmarie

11. Carol C.

12. Corrine P

13. Anita

14. Ellen

16. Deborah

17. Stacy

18. Pam

19. Jenn N.

20. Kristal

21. Alina

23. Brynn

24. Dawnica YOU ARE HERE!

25. Ellen

I Love all your wonderful comments! So leave me some Love!

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