Monday, June 11, 2012

Birthday Gift!

Aloha Everyone,
The other day we were invited to a birthday party.  The party was for a one year old boy.  I wanted to give a present, but what?  He has an older brother 2 years apart so he probably had all the toys that he needed.  So I went blog hunting...  I looked around on one of my favorite blogs The crafty cupboard and found this tutorial for these adorable farm friends.  Here's the link
They were so fun to make.  Even my kids wanted to keep them.  Mine look a bit off.  Like my cow looks like a black and white dog, and my piggy is sort of crooked.  Lol!  They are still cute and my friend said her son loved them.  She was very thankful for the personalized gifts.  I also made a freeze paper stencil tote to put the gift in.

Aloha- Dawnica

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