Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tutorial on ATG Gun

Aloha Everyone, Since posting the pictures of my ATG I will explain how I blinged it out.
What you will need.
-Krylon Fusion spray paint for plastic, - Acrylic Clear Coat, and painting tape
Because the Krylon only has a few choices in colors, that I didn't want. I had to use a primer then my color of choice.
*1st I taped everything that I didn't want painted
make sure you tape the trigger, the metal part that rolls the tape, and the inside black part that holds the tape.
I unscrewed the inside black pieces to paint under it.
I also taped the cover that opens because I wanted to leave it clear.
*2nd paint with color of choice . I used the Krylon Fusion for plastic in Satin River for my primer ( you don't need to do this if you picked out a color that you like in the Krylon Fusion for plastic, it doesn't need a primer).
My color of choice is Krylon Outdoor Spaces Satin Finish in Watermelon.
Tip: I hung my ATG so it was easier to paint and dry.
*3rd I blinged it up by putting rub-ons. I used fancy pants brand.
*4th I then sprayed the entire Gun inside and out and top cover with the Krylon Acrylic Crystal Clear in Gloss.
Then let dry and enjoy your new Kreation.
I love my ATG Gun and can't imagine not having it.
My 3 girls use it all the time. I am always asking for it back.

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  1. How sweet... I think my ATG needs a face lift. Thanks for sharing.


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