Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine School Treats!

Aloha Everyone,
I have been MIA because Myself and my whole family has caught the flu. My first kid was sick from Tuesday, then on Thursday I had 2 more, then the baby woke up from a nap sick:( Then on Friday I got sick and another kid got sick. Then on Saturday we were all sick. Keep in mind my hubby has been sick too:( All you hear in my house is cough, cough, sniff, mom I don't feel good.... So today on Sunday I only have 1 better. Hope this goes away soon.
I just wanted to share my Valentine's Treat for the kids school. Only 3 of them are bringing treats. I decided to keep it simple. I cut tags from the Sweethearts Cartridge. I stamped and embossed the tags with Lauren's adorable Love stamp set from 40:31 Creations.
Have a great Valentine's Day!



  1. Hope the house recieves healing soon! Glad to see u back!!

  2. So cute! What a great way to "spruce-up" a lollipop! :)


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