Monday, April 11, 2011

Cards for a Swap

I wanted to share some cards that I made for a card swap that I just participated in. I really had fun making them and getting some cards in return. I will post a picture of the cards that I receive when I get them all.

I wanted to know if anyone is interested in a swap for the youth. My daughter really wants to have a swap for her age group. Age 8 and up. Or just participate in a swap if people don't mind receiving a card from a 10 1/2 year old. She tried to have one at school. She enlisted about 10 girls, but they just ripped out some binder paper and drew or wrote something on it and quickly handed it to her. This was after she worked really hard all week long making these cards for them. She felt cheated, but I did tell her that everyone may not know how to make a nice card with card stock and to not hold it against them. She tried a few more times after explaining how to make one, then she gave up and is now begging me to post about having a card swap for youth.
So if you are interested please email me at
islandgurls at hawaii dot rr dot com, or leave me a comment with your info.
She would be your best friend eternally!!!



  1. Dawnica, these cards makes me home sick. I love them all. which card swap are you in? TFS... Friday

  2. That is so sad...My daughter would love to be a card swap For kids!
    Top29gun at gmail dot com


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